Franck Sastre

Franck Sastre

Sastre paints in oils, acrylics and ink, on surfaces that include canvas and wood as well as cardboard and carton board, resulting in works that add a strong physical presence to his precise style. In his images, cleanly executed lines and a reliance on basic geometric shapes form a solid backdrop on which a variety of experiments—from realistic figures to adventurous abstractions—are seen. Sastre lives and works in the Spanish city of Vigo.



Stage Start

Nature and it only inspires me does not influence me. Why I do not want to be fixed more than the important thing of symbology that I want to express. Strokes on top of each other more fat and thin with intermittence.


Curves Stage

I can not deny that the feminine inspires me for many reasons: sensitivity, complicity, listening, sweetness, sensuality, passion … and red and black are present and take strength to express it. The strokes become more curved as the reality I want to paint or draw.

2nd Millennium Start

Explosion of color Stage

I can not stop looking at the little things that carry my great inner world. I just need that and I wonder, can my creative art express it? At least he tries to give bright and strong colors.

1st 2000 era decade

Fantasy Stage

from time to time it is convenient to fix attention and look at the world face to face. Focus on what is important, what those who share moments of Imagination and Fantasy want to tell us. It is a source of life to feed on that spring Fantastic imagination.


Risky stage

Differentiated vision, hidden, forbidden. Looking to capture the obvious from another perspective bordering almost another dimension. Not everything is white or Black. Deforming the perfect but leaving the silhouette or the image of what is embodied.


Pop Art Stage

merging realities, portraits with colors and very chewing strokes. The look through the eyes … leaving impregnated that “Regard”. Stage of collaboration with other artists in the same canvas, in the same sculpture and a few words. In short, generate different concerns when painting.

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