The light in the evening paints a sky of an intense red. Coincidentally, next to the black, one of the fetish colors of the painter Franck Sastre (Perigueux France 1966). Two coffees at a table and a conversation that can last for hours. Painting, unlike photography, is one of the arts that is based on a blank sheet. Fill it with emotions, those little moments that generate us in our daily lives, and transmit them to paper, is the greatest pleasure that this great artist produces. He remembers his approach to painting, as one of the passions since he has the use of reason. As he tells me, he was one of those who preferred to stay at home drawing or coloring and imagining countless things, rather than follow the ritual of the customs of football matches between friends. It was his way of expressing himself, perhaps because of his initial shyness. When he was clear that his true passion was painting, he was getting knowledge with art studies, technique and skill, which cause today, that he has become one of the most interesting painters of the current scene.

Visualize an idea, your mind works a thousand, until you are clear about your objective. First strokes on paper, first scribbles and the work is emerging on the canvas, as the mind opens the doors of the idea and the colors are shaping the final goal. That goal that seeks to generate that emotion, that reflection caused by his works, both in the viewer who sees it for the first time, as the one who knows his work and is willing to discover the next. He says he does not project in his work. I see that on occasion some thought arises: equality, respect …

The conversation is coming to an end, Joe Henderson, hurry the last notes of the topic NO MORE BLUES, maybe a suitable music for an end of conversation. The one who observes his works for the first time, will see a radiant vitality, bright colors, and a deep knowledge of life, which he shapes with an elegant stroke in each of his paintings. Find the chance of his thought, that little instant that will surely be linked to a minute of his life without wanting to look for it … paintings that smell of Life, of Color, of love …

Night closed, the lights go out, the music sighs the last note, end of the conversation. THE BLACK paints the starry night …


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The cafes give way to 10-year-old Porto Graham’s. The softness of the wine deepens the memories of childhood. Joe Henderson, initiates the first chords of Felicidade, from the album Double Raimbow, in the sound boxes of the Café where we are.

The conversation now flows through the painters who were filling their creative childhood. Salvador Dalí, for his imagination and transgression. From Picasso to Basquiat. But perhaps of all, those that really influenced him in his creative spirit were Kandisky or Toulouse Lautrec. All artists who had their own style easily recognizable and that define them as “Artists in their Works”. A premise that he conceives in Art.

That passionate need, that need to be satiated with art and creation, has it painting. An addiction that causes him that when he finishes a job he is already thinking about what he is going to do next.

It has no preference as to the means of expression. Drawing, oil, acrylic. He repeats that when he is painting he is so committed to the work that he barely has time for anything else.

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