Esculturas Family, Fortaleza Valença, Portugal

Very interesting the mixture of two cultures, however close they may be: Portuguese and Spanish. Like that of its two equally versatile, different artists, as of different origin – their influences being created in it.
The theme of creating a family with some everyday animals of our environment between 2 artists, it is not easy when each one has to put their style and personality … but in the end a personal work of each one is contemplated and very attractive.

Franck that folding fine irons and welding between them, as if they were using thick strokes generate imaginative and hollow silhouettes of characters, animals that draw together a harmony. Rita that gives her embroidery and colorful buttons that harmonious filling in the characters, generating joy to the set of sculptures.

But the most interesting thing is to have succeeded in exposing them so that people interact with the characters taking pictures between the hollows of the faces … thus giving life to our created work.

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